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Optimizing Plastic Solutions
Ascend Group is a Singapore wholly owned company established in 1998 as a mold making company. We extended into China in 2002 with mold making and plastic injection operations. During these years, our China Plastic Division - Ascend Hitech gruadually integrated into rapid prototypings, mechanical parts design , secondary assemblies and cosmetic coating. We have also establish partnership with related manufacturing operation such as Metal Maching and Metal stamping companies throught coporate aqusition and investments. Our LED products Division - ECCO Energy is established in 2012 in view of global demands on reducing carbon footprints and energy conservations. ECCO is currently a leading Energy Management Provider in Singapore. Ascend originate from a Mold Fabrication company and grow steadily over 20 years by forward and vertical integration to be capable in providing a ONE-STOP Integrated solutions for our customer base.

Group Vision
Our vision is to position ourselves as a strategic partner to support product development in specialized industries
as well as unique quality and production volume demands.
We should be engineering and service focused , keep our mind open to continous innovations and obtain customers'
trust with us by maintaining highest standards of quality and integrity.
Plastic Division: Ascend Hitech China-Suzhou
First row from left : Zoe Zou - Adm/HR Manager  Eric Wu ( Group CEO)  Lai MK - Operation Mgr
2nd row from left : Ms Xu - Finance Manager  Ms Yang Ying - Planning Supervisor
Ms Zhang Fuying - Procurement Mgr  Ms Lee Hongdan - QA Mgr  Ms Kathy Yang - Project Director
Ms Huang - Manf Cordinator  Ms Lujing - Administrator  Mr. James Li - Engineering Mgr
Mr. Huang Jianan- Facility Mgr  Mr Zhangping- Manf Mgr
  • Integrity

           We Act with the highest ethical standards in our conduct and dealings with our relationships with all parties. Create trust with customers and partners by being honest with commitments and ensure all our commitments are fulfilled.
  • Service

           We believe service as our business soul, we strive to attain close and prompt communication with our partners to listen to their needs. Providing optimum services to our customer will gives them an edge in the market as well as creating synergies in our operations.
  • Innovation

           We innovate in a way unbounded by traditional mindset, we challange status quo with fresh ideas without fear of failure. We are ASCEND People, the only thing that never change is "Change and Improve".
  • Quality

           We believe that quality should be set from the beginning and ensured throughout the process. Therefore we make primary focus in the design and mold making stage, and strictly control manufacturing process to attain optimum quality yeild, and we continue to do it better every time.
  • Part Engineering & Mold Design Consulatation

  • Prototypes fabrication

  • Mold fabrication

  • Mold Team

  • Mold Fitting and Maintainance

  • Plastic Injection Moulding

  • Process Assurance

  • Quality Assurance

  • Sub Assemblies

  • Cosmetic Coating

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